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Central Rams


MR.  HAP’S   10 th  Grade  Automobile
1929  FORD  Model  “A”  Sport  Coupe
Cost  him  $125.







C A U T I O N    
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May    1



The   1903   Fire  Barn  at  Dimond  and  Chester  Street.
A  favorite  Place  to  be  Visited  by  Students  of
Diamond,  Congress,  Sigsbee  and  Henry  School.
And still  in  active  service  today.
(3-doors away from Jim Anderson’s home)
and just up the street from Sidney Straight.




“A Salute To Honor”

A  film  documentary  by  Daniel  J.  Deal

( See   ‘YouTube’  LINK   Below )

Many  of  the  Central  High  people  met  Daniel  Deal  and  his  wife  Ann
in  May, 2018  at  our  65th Class Reunion. –  Daniel is the creator of his company
Authentic   Film   Elements      (AFE)
For over two years, Daniel worked on a film documentary to honor
our   (now deceased)   classmate  /  friend;     U. S.  Astronaut    Roger  B.  Chaffee,
But there is more:   To understand the effort required to produce a film documentary,
it  might  be  well  to  do  as  many  of  us  have  done;   –   View  Daniel’s earlier project.

 “ A  Salute  To  Honor”       . . .       See  Link  below:

When  you  find  a  bit  of  time  on  your  hands,   please  click  on  the  link  below
and watch the  32 minute  video  of  Three Local Boys and the story they tell about  WW-II.
Virgil  Westdale,    Ralph Hauenstein   and   Tony Gianunzio.  –   Ralph Hauenstein was a
1931  graduate  of  Central High. –  This film documentary will show you a lot,  teach you
a lot,  but more importantly,  it displays the dedication Daniel has to his profession.
Here is the link to connect to his exciting  previous  film documentary.

05-02-2020  NOTE:    If you have difficulty getting this  ‘You-Tube’  show to play,
either Picture Sound  Just click around a little, I found a lower icon i could click on
and low, the show DID start.  –  It may take a bit of patience to make it work.    /    /

”  A  SALUTE  TO  HONOR  ”   <    documentary

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NOTE:    If you have not yet seen  “A Salute to Honor”  yet,  you are in for a
real treat of History  three of our Grand Rapids Boys during World War Two.
This Site is checked a couple of times a month, an it works  perfectly,  once you know how to start it,  and the few secrets of running it,  and using the Back-Arrow to return to our own  CHS  website.   Just follow the instructions printed here  and all will be OKAY.
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We are happy to announce  that  the   ROGER  B.  CHAFFEE    Documentary
has now been successfully completed,   by  Daniel  J.  Deal,   and has already been shown on PBS in the Fall of  2019.     We hope that soon The Chaffee Documentary will replace          “A   Salute  To  Honor”    

An  ADDITIONAL  NOTE:    We are pleased to report that the  Chaffee Documentary
WAS shown on PBS in the Grand Rapids Area,  but on Channel  35-3  which we learn was not available to all,  without a set of  “rabbit ears”   like ours.   It is a  55  minute continuous show – on November 20th.  and well worth the time spent watching it.

Please keep an eye out on the  Schedule  for:    www.wgvu.org
And:    ……      “Roger  B.  Chaffee   . . .    Aviator  Ad  Astra.”   




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THE 1950’s
were indeed – an awesome time to be around.
The following LINKS to other sites provide opportunities
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“when we were young!”


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M A C K I N A C   .    B R I D G E

( click  below  for  6 – Minute Film)


If you remain on this site AFTER climbing the Mackinac Bridge;
a Second YouTube is also available – telling history of the bridge.


Everything is spelled Mackinac
but is pronounced Mackinaw … like NAW.
(Only “Mackinaw City” is spelled that way.)
And only the uninformed end the word with ‘NACK.’



How Does Big Ben Keep Accurate Time?

See  and  Hear  Big  Ben  in  Action

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Four Workers give BIG BEN
his 2019 Face Wash:

Eian   checks   Big   Ben’s   Clockworks


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We appreciate the efforts of those – who over the years have kept and
preserved many photos for our viewing. Members of our class
(now older themselves) especially appreciate photos so
carefully gleaned from various books and the other old
publications, along with a few photos of ourselves.
To all contributors and fine historians . . .
We dedicate this web page.


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