CHS Faculty during the 1940’s and 1950’s.          

Anderson,  Helen        English
Ashley,  Wilson         Accounting
Aster  Gertrude      English,  History
Achison,  Helen         English,  Math
Bean,  Leona      Typing,  Shorthand
Beattie, Harold      Math, English
Bibby, Mary Edna      Librarian
Brower, Margaret         Librarian
Brown, Robert          History, English
Campbell, Marion   School Counselor
Carpenter, David         History
Clarke, Elaine               English
Clatworthy, David      Jr. High Math
Combs, Enid                  Art
Compton, Jeannette    Typing
Conklin, Theone    Algebra, Geometry
Cornish, John            English, History
Croninger, Lydia   Home Economics
Dalebout,  Jacoba      English
Davidson, A.E.          Trade School
Davis, Kenneth          Vocal Music
De Young, Harold         Electricity
Dow, Mae Lee         Home Economics
Early, Lois             Cafeteria Director
Eleveld, Sidney        Machine Shop
Fennell, Mary            Latin, Spanish
Fillingham, Wallace      General Shop
Foster, Ann             Clothing, Foods
Freeman,  Helen   Physical Education
Frey, Jack                 Vocal Music
Gleye, Elsa           Home Management
Hanson, Walter         Woodwork
Harrigan, Helen  English, Geography
Herron, Charlotte        Home Living
Hewitt, Phyllis              English
Hildreth, Earl            Trade School
Holt, Alicent             Latin, English
Howland, Richard      Salesmanship
Hunt, Isabel                English
Hutchings, Gilbert      Woodworking
Hutt, Lloyd       Mechanical Drawing
Hyde, Albert              Mathematics
Irwin, Charles  Physical Education
King, Jack B.            Family Living
Knisley, Rhoda             Art
Knox, Ethel Louise      English
Koteskey, Fred         Math,  English
Laham, Jacob           Shoe Repair
LaPenna, Anthony      Trade School
Lawson, Laurence      Mathematics
Lubbers,  Tena     English, Arithmetic
 Ludwick, Henry      Assistant  Principal
Marsh, Helen                      Typing
Matthews, Plynn            History,  Civics
McCarty,  Katherine       History,  Civics
McDougal, Lowell             Mathematics
McKenzie, Ruby           French, History
Meyaard, Harvey        Biology,  Science
Meyering, Lucile                History
Miller, Walter       Printing, Arithmetic
Nameth, Daniel           Math., / Coach
Newcomer, Charles    Physics, Chem.
Olsen, Gladys                         Art
Palmatier, Dona-Jean       History,
Parkhurst, Grace                  English
Perry, Ruth             Typing, Shorthand
Petrilli, Michael    Instrumental Music
Pomeroy, Jean                       Art
Posthumus, Russell*   History / Coach
Powers, Florence       Spanish, History
Pylman, Jay         Government,  Econ.
Quigley, Emma      English, Arithmetic
Raar, Dale                         Mathematics
Redding, Sgt. John B.          R.O.T.C
Reese, Dora       Trigonometry, Algebra
Renton, Anna  General Science, Health
Roberts, Ed.    Math,  English,  Coach
Romani, Romulus  Geography, / Coach
Roth, Lorene      English, Latin, Debate
Salsbury, Robert                  Geometry
Schnooberger, Wilamena    Chemistry
Shellman, Arelyne                History
Shoemaker, Clay                 History
Shroll, Wendell        American Govt.
Smith, Charles   Mathematics, / Coach
Sonke, Dorothy                    English
Thomas, Leah                       English
Trivett, John     Mathematics, English
Uhl, Jane                           Social Science
Upton, Samuel R.      School  Principal
VanderMolen, John   Electricity, Shop
VanderMolen,  Robt. History / Coach
Verbust, Sgt. Richard             R.O.T.C.
Vruggink, Elmer      Algebra, Debate
Walper, Claire       Geography, Biology
Warmington, Charity    English,  Math
Waters, Russell              Math / Coach
Wells, Ralph          Instrumental Music
Whittemore, Arlene    Biology, Health
Wierenga, Elmo        Social Science
Wilcox, Howard                   English
Woodlock, Joan                     Art




.  Abraham Lincoln                                     George  Washington
February  12,  1809                                    February  22,  1732

and  all  the  other  guys,  too !


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Many teachers taught at Central High over the years.  In later years,
some of them were even from our very own class. –  Many have served
as athletic coaches or counselors for a wide variety of subjects.
Those from Class of  1952  came to Central in September, 1946 just
after the war ended.   Those from Class of  1953  ….. the following year (1947).
We salute our principal and various administrators, the maintenance staff,
and the 100 teachers listed above – who had many of us in their classrooms.
Not too many of them are still alive today,  but we have special memories
of the Central High faculty, and gratitude for the learning they gave us.
Our  first ‘Helios’  Annual for the class of  1953  class was published
in the spring of 1948, while we were completing seventh grade.
And remember;   some of these teachers were on the faculty at Central High
in the 1920’s … well before we were even born. Some were still teaching there
long after we graduated.   We have our favorites,  of course,  but our hats are off
to all of these dedicated teachers.  How they survived us  (sometimes),  …
we will never know.    Let us recognize those who linger in our memories,
especially the eighteen who were with us all through our  1952  &  1953  class years,
which encompassed our entire high school experience from about  1946 through 1953.
The  ‘HELIOS’   is our  school’s  annual  year  book  and still treasured by many of us.
As early as the mid-1920’s there was a  HELIOS  MONTHLY  that was published
and we have a few copies in our archives that have survived the years.

 Our School  ~  for One Hundred Years  –  1911 – 2012
even though changes occurred to the system in 2012,
we were still the  
oldest  public high school around !

 Aerial  view  of  Grand  Rapids  Central  High in the Michigan Wintertime
( 421-431   Fountain  Street   NE. )
The boys and girls gymnasium buildings are on the left   
(with facilities under each part of that building)
Fountain Elementary is in the upper Rt. corner of photo
The houses behind the schools were removed many years ago.

 Below is inside our high school  auditorium that we all remember so well.
How many times have we sat in this grand auditorium
viewing performances of perfection,  and how many times
have we followed in Pep Rallies lead by our own Dave Thompson.
(After Dave’s rousing ‘Pep Rallies” they added extra supports
to the auditorium
to hold the roof on.   ….   Or so we are told.)


The Central High Flag at Half-Staff,  and tended daily by a squad from the R.O.T.C.
In honor of Armistice Day  (November 11, 1919)  –  this is the ‘OLD’ flag pole
with a plaque remembering the Central High people who served  in  WW-I

 Samuel    R.    Upton

March  12,  1892   –   February  10,  1975        Age   82

        Samuel   R.   Upton,    –    CHS    Principal
from    1935  –  1967



   Henry  Ludwick                                      Marion  Campbell
Assistant  Principal                                  Student  Counselor 



Note:  Claude Switzer is shown in the 1935 Helios,  so it is to be assumed
that Sam Upton started as Principal in about  September,  1935.

Much of what you see on this Website
is of little interest to anyone other than those
who have actually spent a half-dozen or more years
in the Grand Rapids Public School system.
(Please share our Web information with classmates)


I’m almost old enough to be in Miss Marsh’s Typing Class.

 My mom said maybe you would like flowers
just because it’s the long winter season.


     “Words   of   Wisdom”
Instilled  into  even  the  hardest  of  heads



The Passing of Time at Our School:
There will never be another class quite
like those at Central in  the early 1950’s.


David   R.   Korff
Designer of the Central High  52 / 53  Website
and fixer of any occasional problems which
thankfully don’t occur very often.


                                                                               Turn out the Office Lights
                                                                            when you leave



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 .           BOTTOM   OF   THE   BARREL   JOKES
.            FEBRUARY,    2018

 .           ________________________________

.        Fishing  Librarians

Q:  How do Librarians catch fish?
A:  With  Bookworms.

.     Knock-Knock,  Alleen

Who’s there”
Alleen who?
Alleen piece of roast beef
Is good for the waistline

.      Weight  Lifting

I don’t believe for a second
that weight lifting is a sport.
They pick up a heavy thing
and put it down again.
I call that indecision.

If  baby  pigs  are  called  piglets,
why aren’t baby bulls called bullets
and  baby  chickens   chicklets?
Makes sense to me.
.                                                                .    JOKES


This  is  no  Joke  !


Central High School    “Bureau  of  Records”
for  the  ‘Selected  Class  Years’  of  1952 and 1953


CHS     52 / 53      Webmaster
  Warren    B.     “Hap”      Hecker
Graduate  of  1953,   and   later …….. a
Michigan Bell Telephone Company
retiree  after  40 years of service.


The  exact  Make  and  Model  of   ‘Mr.  Hap’s’
very first automobile – from his Sophomore year at Central.
1929  Model  “A”  Ford  Sport Coupe,  … with Rumble Seat.
And  yes,  it  even  had  white  sidewall  tires.
40 HP   4-cylinder engine.   (w/ hand crank.)
–     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –
–     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –

Our   Hecker    is    No     Relation    to    Paul    Gene    Hecker
CHS  Class of  1954 ,   and   former   CHS   Principal    1984 – ’86



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