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Grand Rapids Central High School

Combined    Student   Class  of   1952   and  1953

Grand  Rapids  Central  High  School

   This  Website   Established:   July  20,  2010  –   for  Combined  Class  of   1952  and  1953
provides   Information  and  Photos   (changed often),   and news for class  members.
Originator  and  Webmaster   ~   W. B.  Hecker,    CHS   Alumnus  –  Grand Rapids.
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Years Since …  1952 & 1953  Graduation  from  G.R.  Central High






Hap’s  #2  daughter  Kimberly Korff
and her husband,  David Korff
who is the Master Web Designer
for  our  CHS 52 / 53  Website

Slow … is what our  CHS  Website
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It is a test of our patience
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Any resemblance between our home-style website
and a modern ‘professionally done’ process is unintentional.
Our purpose is only to please our members and friends,
and to say …. “We appreciate hearing from you
from  time  to  time,  …  especially if you move.
.                                          wbh:

(Below this Point)
Written  by  Andy Rooney,   a man who had
the gift of saying so much with so few words.
Andy Rooney used to be on 60 Minutes TV show.

I’ve learned  ….  (27)
That a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.

I’ve learned  ….  (28)
That when your newly born grandchild
holds your little finger in his little fist, you’re hooked for life.


These ‘random thoughts’ from Andy Rooney are provided by

Commander  David  L. Thompson   ~   CHS class of 1952

Our  country  is  now   241   years old!
We look forward to another
July  4h  in  2018.




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